"Griptastik tape grips - STOP THE RIPS with high durability and natural comfort"

Griptastik for Gymnastics

Our gymnastics grips are used by gymnasts in usa gymnastics and aau for training and meets. They are a favorite among coaches, office assistants and others because they are very much like traditional tape grips but they last as long as 1 year (depending on use). Our premium tape grips are machine washable. See this quote for Camden Gymnastics in Georgia “We would like to thank Griptastik for a wonderful product! We ordered their tape grips for our entire gym, after one of our gymnasts purchased them at the 2015 GA Xcel State Meet. It is a quality product, with great lasting power. The fact that they are reusable and washable is awesome! Our coaches no longer have to take time our of practice to make our kids athletic tape grips which last a couple practices before ripping…”
We also offer hand care products which contain the highest quality essential and organic oils, offering quick rip relief. All of our products make excellent gifts for gymnasts especially considering the option for personalizing your gymnastics grips and other products. We also offer great gymnastics fundraisers. We offer awesome products and great profits for gyms.

Griptastik for Crossfit and Weight Lifting

Our crossfit and weight lifting grips are specially designed for use during daily WODs and workouts. They are super durable and comfortable but yet made out of athletic tape. We offer standard non-padded tape grips, but we also offer padded grips for some athletes that may need a bit more cushioning to prevent rips. As with our premium gymnastics grips, our crossfit grips are machine washable. This allows for up to 1 year of reusability.
Athletes should also check out our "RIP Heal" and "RIP Prevent" hand care products to treat and prevent rips. We also offer varying styles of wrist wraps. Our grips and wristwraps can even be personalized, making them great gifts for crossfit or weightlifters.
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